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VOX Architects book presentation

Yesterday Tatlin publishing house presented its new book, the main character of which is Vox Architects, Boris Voskoboinikov's architectural bureau that is famous for designing Koltsovo Airport, World Class, Cinema Park. CENTRSVET provided lighting for the event.

The event took place at the bureau's stylish and modern studio at Flacon design factory, in which we helped to create a special atmosphere with lighting. Vox Architects space, as well as all of their creations, is filled with identity and recognizable charisma.

The book is a collection of all projects done by the bureau, the interiors of whichyou might have seen: Kurumoch Airport in Samara, Koltsovo Airport in Yekaterinburg, Cinema Park at Metropolis Mall, World Class gyms in Moscow, and many others. Vox Architects is a must-read. We congratulate Boris Voskoboinikov, Maria Akhremenkova and Vox Architects team for this event and thank them for a great evening!

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