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Aug. 24, 2021


CENTRSVET luminaires are safe for vision, they do not harm the retina, convey natural colors and form the right color perception in children and teenagers. They can be recommended for use in residential spaces, nurseries, bedrooms, common spaces, as well as for commercial spaces and offices.

All-Union Scientific Research Institute for Light Engineering (VNISI) conducted research of photobiological safety of CENTRSVET luminaire. Founded in 1951, the institute specializes in addressing the challenges in the lighting industry, measuring and testing lighting and performance characteristics of light appliances and light sources. VNISI maintains it high scientific and technical potential, its staff including 2 Academics of Electrical Sciences, 3 Doctors and 16 Candidates of Science, as well a number of professionally trained specialists. VNISI is the appointed host of the Committee on Standardization of Lighting Appliances.

Testing different lighting characteristics of luminaires of FOTON, LOCUS, LINE series were conducted using cutting-edge equipment in course of 30 days. Excellent color rendering, color temperature, energy efficiency and luminous flux characteristics, as well as photobiological safety were confirmed during testing.

Protocol №341R/21 for Foton M luminaire
Protocol №348/21 for Foton M luminaire
Conclusion №211 for Foton M luminaire
Protocol №342R/21 for Line 25 luminaire
Protocol №349/21 for Line 25 luminaire
Conclusion №212 for Line 25 luminaire
Protocol №343R/21 for Locus C luminaire
Protocol №350/21 for Locus C luminaire
Conclusion №210 for Locus C luminaire


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