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Dec. 8, 2021

Veshki Banya Resort

Veshki Banya Resort is a premium bath resort in Moscow. The architecture and interiors were developed DBA-GROUP studio of architecture and design. The studio's portfolio includes over 500 projects, including ones abroad: in Italy, Spain, France, Monaco. Vlad Andreev, the founder of DBA-GROUP architectural studio, spoke about the lighting in the project and about successful cooperation with CENTRSVET.

The base of Veshki Banya Resort is constituted by 6 log-houses. In each log-house, besides bathing zone, there is a living room, bedrooms and special zones: poolhalls or phyto-rooms. The lighting of the entire bath resort is executed with CENTRSVET luminaires.

The heart of Veshki Banya Resort is Nella Foresta restaurant with an authentic chalet atmosphere and six-meter ceilings. Lighting in the restaurant is done with CENTRSVET INFINITY track system.

Outdoor luminaires are installed along garden paths and driveways. Facades of the each log-house are illuminated differently , while the whole ensemble remains unified.

"We have been working with CENTRSVET for a long time, and it has always been successful. All the staff is very professional, and it is very enticing. We love the wide products range – we can select many different elements. We love the technologies in lighting: it is modular, you can create many different compositions. CENTRSVET has a good pricing policy: you pay for a really high quality. And, of cource, we can take our client to your showrooms, show and tell everything, or invite our employees and train them. It is crucial for us!"

Web: Instagram: dba_group


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