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Feb. 15, 2021


An apartment for a family of three in Vander Park residential complex on Rublyovskoe highway was designed by MOPS, a Moscow-based studio. The authors of the project wanted to expand the space by using directional and reflected lighting.

MOPS architects used POINT S directional spot luminaires for general lighting in the living room. Studio’s projects always feature INFINITY track systems, and this one is not an exception. The track runs along the architectural closet and separates the living room and the hall. Two types of luminaires were installed in the track INF SPOT LINE for directional lighting and INF LOCUS rotary luminaire for wall illumination in the living-room.

The dining area is accentuated by LOCUS XL luminaires with narrow directional beam angle. The architects installed POINT S luminaires in the bedroom between the wall and the bed in order to avoid glare. LOCUS NIGHT rotatable bedside luminaires with an "on" button on the housing are installed on the headboard, which is very convenient for reading.


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