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Oct. 30, 2019


Centrsvet has become a partner of the presentation of the new book by TATLIN publishing house – Modern private houses, a one of a kind for the last 25 years. The event took place at the Central House of Architects on Granatniy Lane. The book presents 86 private residences by 45 Russia's leading architectural bureaus. Among the participants of the project: Tsymaylo Lyashenko, Alexandra Fedorova, Boris Uborevich-Borovskiy, Alexei Rosenberg, Alexek Kozyr, Anton Nadtochiy and Vera Butko, Oleg Klodt, Vladimir Plotkin, Rustam Kerimov, Totan Kuzembayev, Sergei Nasedkin, Roman Leonidov, Pyotr Kostelov, Oleg Karlson, Sergei Kolchin, Meganom, Nefa Architects, UNK Project, 4a Architekten, Ingenium, za bor, DNK ag, Panacom, A-B Studio, TOTEMENT / PAPER, SNOU and many others.


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