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Sept. 24, 2021


SUPERSALONE exhibition, which is the main event in the interior design industry, was held in September in Milan. The exhibition was opened by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella. Centrsvet was representing Russia at the exhibition.

CENTRSVET was the only Russian brand at SUPERSALONE exhibition. CENTRSVET demonstrated Auroom 100% brass lighting system.

CENTRSVET launched the new Auroom Pink + Karim Rashid and Auroom Black x Dima Loginoff collections of luminaires at the booth. Designers spoke on their collections and experience working with CENTRSVET. CENTRSVET AUROOM lighting system was presented in three finishes: 100% brass, black brass and copper finish. The system supports Digital Light brightness control. Light can be dimmed from 100 to 0.1 % brightness. Control via the app, smartphone or smart watch.

SUPERSALONE exhibition was visited by over 300 thousands people from 160 countries, and Russia, represented by CENTRSVET, showed its design, technology and service. Archiproducts, world’s most respected design portal, chose CENTRSVET as the best brand at the exhibition and awarded the Archiproducts Design Selection 2021 prize to the company.

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Centrsvet and Archiproducts hosted the SuperSalone AfterParty at Archiproducts Showroom in Milan.

For two days in a row, Archiproducts Showroom united guests from the design world from around the globe. Shop windows at the Showroom are illuminated with Infinity track system.

The Showroom is located in Zona Tortona, a famous neighbourhood that is visited the most during the Milan Design Week. Design lovers know that it is the place to source new ideas and a year-worth of inspiration.

Among the guests were Karim Rashid, Dima Loginoff, Italian actor Paolo Stella, designers Elena and Julia Sella, Diana Balashova, Slava Ushakov, Tatiana Fofonova, editor-in-chief of Interior the best magazine, and many other stars of design and art industry.

The dinner for the guests was prepared by Andrea Ribaldone, a Michelin star chef.

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ARCHIPRODUCTS Showroom in Milan is located in Zona Tortona, a famous neighbourhood that is visited the most during the Milan Design Week.This district is invadedby designers, first during iSalone exhibition, and then permanently moved there. ARCHIPRODUCTS MILANO exhibits designer and architectural solutions from over 3000 brands from all over the world.

The face of Archiproducts Showroom, its window displays, are illuminated by CENTRSVET INFINITY lighting system. Last year, ARCHIPRODUCTS team and CENTRSVET quickly selected lighting that is now illuminating the products placed in the window displays that are never left unnoticed.

Some minimal remodeling was required, so we offered our solution – surface-mounted INFINITY track with a power source installed inside the track. We installed the surface-mounted track onto the wall, connected the power source to one supply lead and installed it flush with the track. Then we placed luminaires on the track: LOCUS ZOOM with beam angle adjustment feature from narrow 15 degrees to medium 35 degrees, and OREO luminaires for homogenous bright light.

The co-founder of Archiproducts Enzo Maiorano spoke about the brand’s concept and illumination of the iconic showroom.

Instagram: archiproducts Web:

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Dima Loginoff is a world star of product design from Russia and the winner of numerous international awards.

Centrsvet and Dima Loginoff presented a new collection of luminaires for Auroom lighting system at SuperSalone in Milan.

Auroom Black x Dima Loginoff collection is made of 100% brass that is treated in a special way to achieve the black color and a brushing effect.

Dima spoke about working with Centrsvet and Auroom X collection of luminaires with a brand new finish.

"I love that it is not a full black color, it has a little bit of noir effect in it. I even think I would love to have these luminaires in black in my house. And it means I am truly satisfied!"

Find out more about Auroom Black x Dima Loginoff Collection

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CENTRSVET's collaboration with Karim Rashid has become a landmark event of 2021. Designer Karim Rashid has created over 3000 products, received over 300 international design awards. He is considered a design legend in more than 40 countries.

Karim Rashid created AUROOM PINK collection of luminaires for AUROOM lighting system. The luminaires are made of pure brass and treated in a special way to achieve the unique pink finish. The presentation took place at SuperSalone exhibition in Milan.

“It was complicated, but we did it in quite a short time. I always say: a lot of times, when something moves quite fast, you get the best results. In this case, I am happy with the result."

Find out more about Auroom Pink x Karim Rashid Collection


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