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May 16, 2021


IN 2021, Centrsvet held the first contest among students of Stroganov Academy. Students submitted over 40 applications, each of which is unique, elaborate and is a reflections of its creator's worldview.

CENTRSVET gladly showed the students the Company's production site, showrooms, told the students about the Company's values, and it inspired young designers.

We analyzed the projects based on the uniqueness of its design and idea, as well as its relevance and potential demand on the market. We established a jury: a panel of experts from our Company, including the founder and General Director Evgeny Schegolev, our engineers, constructors and designers, who have won over 40 international awards in 2020 alone.

After analyzing usability and possibility of manufacturing, as well as potential commercial success, we were not able to determine the winners of 4-10th places, as some submissions were not worked through, some ideas did not have potential for success on the market or were impossible to execute.

We thank each and every young designer for the time they dedicated to creating their projects. Taking into account the applicability, possibility of development and production and supposed success on the market, we have chosen three winners of the Joint CENTRSVET and Stroganov Academy Contest 2021:

Elizaveta Selezneva, project “CLIPA”, III year
Yevgeniya Finadeeva, project “MIRAGE”, III year
Irina Petrischeva, project “ANGLE”, II year

Each winner won 50 000 roubles and a contract to produce their projects.

We extend our gratitude to the Stroganov Academy, S.V. Kurasov, professors and curators.


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