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Feb. 11, 2021


Vadim Shipachev is a Russian ice hockey player, Olympic champion, world champion, captain of Moscow’s Dynamo ice hockey club, and KHL’s most expensive player. Vadim and his family visited Centrsvet showroom to choose lighting for their 1000 m² country home together. The project of the house by Moscow-based GLAVDESIGN bureau @glavdesign_ is located in a prestigious village named Mednoye Ozero 2 by HONKA, a Finnish company.

After implementing the project of an apartment in Moscow, GLAVDESIGN began to work on the country home. Vadim and his family appreciated the lighting at their new apartment and knew from the start that the lighting at their new house will be by Centrsvet.

“Hockey is an emotional kind of sport. When I come back home, I need to relax and recharge. Lighting creates the right atmosphere of coziness and relaxation,” – says Vadim Shipachev.


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