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April 5, 2021


For the second year in a row, we have won the most prestigious design awards – Red Dot Design Award, and receiving this award is like receiving an Oscar!

MODULAR lighting system and INFINITY track system by Centrsvet have won in the Lighting Design category. Over 6500 projects from 45 countries were submitted to the contest, and only 67 won the Lighting Design award. Founded in 1955 in Essen, Germany, Red Dot Award: Product Design rates each year’s best products.



Modern compact 48V track system. It allows to change the number and positioning of the luminaires. A luminaire can be installed anywhere on the track and easily moved along it. A special mechanical button fixator provides secure attachment of the luminaire on the track. This fixation mechanism is patented by Rospatent.

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The system is based on ready-made lighting modules. The modules are equipped with a power source and is connected to 220V electrical mains. Bright and powerful, this sytem is suitable for professional lighting in offices and commercial spaces with high ceilings.

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