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May 20, 2021


Ponte Novo showroom of fitness innovations is located at VEB RF business center on the Garden Ring. Ponte Novo is a new format of fitness equipment premium shops.

Elegant table tennis set by Impatia, Matrix cardio equipment and equipment for functional training by MyEquilibria and Desire: these and many more exclusive products are illuminated by luminaires on the basis of CENTRSVET track system.

The system allows to change the number of luminaires and reposition them - they are installed where required and can be moved along the track if needed. Thanks to this feature, the lighting can be adjusted for each exerciser. Thanks to the lens used in the luminaire, the light spot is homogenous and without halo.

To calculate the amount of lighting required for the space, we created a precise 3D model of the showroom. Our calculations helped us create the effective lighting. Premium products call for high-quality lighting, this is why Centrsvet is the choice.



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