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May 13, 2021


Pavel Volya is a stand up comedian, the host of Improvisation and Two in one million TV shows. Sooner of later, everyone has to deal with home renovations, even celebrities. Pavel Volya came to our showroom and told us the story of how he first came to know about CENTRSVET.

"There is this thing, it's called renovations. This is what is going on at our home right now. Designer Diana Tarakanova helps us with the process. When we came to the point of choosing lighting, she said: "Centrsvet is the place, we have to buy it there."

I went to Centrsvet's website, and to tell you the truth, I was shocked by the assortment of products. And it's manufactured here in Russia, so I won't have to wait forever for delivery from Italy. So, I came here on my own two feet to choose lighting. I already know what I want. I will put the luminaires in my apartment and will absorb the electricity beams with my skinny Penza-born body. It is great that your company produces such high-quality products that will be trendy even in 2045. All in all, I highly recommend Centrsvet, and I recommend them to give me a discount!"


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