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March 1, 2021


World renown politicians, musicians, Hollywood actors enjoy wearing wear Paul Smith clothing. In order to demonstrate the quality of materials and the designer’s idea, high quality lighting is required. This is why Centrsvet lighting is installed at Paul Smith boutique in GUM on the Red Square.

The facade of the boutique is one of its most important parts, and in requires special attention in terms of lighting. In this case we used Infinity track system by Centrsvet with rotatable locus luminaires that create directional lighting. It allows to show the textures of fabrics and accentuates the clothing itself. Thanks to advanced variability of Infinity system, the store will be able to adapt the lighting for new collections and create the right accents on the clothes by rotating the luminaires and moving them along the track.

General lighting at the boutique is based on Eurotrack system, pendant one in this case. It is connected directly to 220V mains, which facilitates and speeds up mounting. This system is perfect for commercial interiors. A large amount of Locus luminaires allowed to illuminate the entire space of the boutique. Аor the clothes to look the same in the sunlight as they looked on the shelve, good color rendering index is important. All of Centrsvet’s products satisfy this requirement.


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