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June 21, 2021


At the end of May of 2021, Music Media Dome in Moscow hosted OFFICE NEXT exhibition, and Centrsvet was its strategic partner. CENTRSVET luminaires were used in the booths of two companies: Aecom and ABD Architects.

At AECOM booth, luminaires with soft diffused light were used on the basis of CENTRSVET INFINITY track system. Using linear diffused luminaires allowed to illuminate the whole AECOM booth homogeneously with general lighting.

At ABD architects’ booth we used CENTRSVET INFINITY track system as well, but this time, we installed rotatable directional luminaires. The luminaires are directed at the zone with water. Water reflections can be seen on the walls all day long. Thanks to the luminaires’ DTW feature, architects and designers managed to show their booth in different lighting conditions: in general and evening lighting.

As a strategic partner of OFFICE NEXT, CENTRSVET awarded the winners of Trend Rooms nomination: MAD Architects studio and LINE Architects. CENTRSVET thanks the organizers and participants of OFFICE NEXT exhibition.


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