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Nov. 13, 2019


Centrsvet is a partner of Haru Mamburu art project by Ottepel Gallery at Gazgolder club. The iconic Haru Mamburu music video by Maxim Pokrovsky of Nogu Svelo band celebrates its 25th anniversary.

We created a special atmosphere for the event with our lighting. The guests of the evening saw an exhibit by artist Svyatoslav Ushakov that included paintings and original celluloids that were made 25 years ago while creating the animated music video for ≈. Centrsvet's track system allowed to place lighting accents on the paintings while preserving the overall low-key atmosphere.

Maxim Pokrovsky created the amazing energy at the event with his hit songs, including, of course, the legendary Haru Mamburu. Nogu Svelo band has been requested to play this song at every concert for quarter of a century. The original footage of the music video has been lost at the time.  Yandex IT company restored the music video with artificial neural networks, and a blurred video from a videotape transformed into a high-quality one.


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