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June 16, 2021


"I love the abundance of light, every centimeter is illuminated here," – says Mitya Fomin.

Mitya Fomin, singer, actor and TV host, winner of numerous music awards, chose CENTRSVET for his new apartment located on the bank of the Moskva River. Designers of Moscow-based MOPS studio create unique spaces for living that reflect the individuality of their clients and sites' identity.

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INFINITY system provides general lighting at the apartment. Luminaires can be installed anywhere on the track and easily repositioned. Special fixator ensures reliable fastening of luminaires on the track.

"It's a trend, I have seen this solution in many spaces, and I am happy to have this new solution as well. First of all, it is very convenient: you can reposition luminaires, change their quantity, direction. If you get bored of luminaires, you can replace them on a whim!"

LIGHT UP recessed floor luminaires are intsalled flush with the floor, they create comfort and serve as guidance lighting in the dark.

"Floor luminaires that create coziness and a warmth in the space. I have never used them before, and now I understand that this is a very interesting solution."

"I want to thank Centrsvet immensely. They created lighting for my home and many other people’s homes. This company has become a pilgrimage for those who wants to bright lighting into their lives. I also want to thank MOPS bureau who supervised every inch of this apartment day and night. Way to go! Let this apartment bring only happiness and joy to me. It really is cozy and comfortable, quiet, modern and beautiful."

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Mitya Fomin, singer, actor and TV host, winner of multiple music awards, has visited our showroom to choose lighting for his new countryside apartment.

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MOPS Studio designed and implemented an apartment project for Mitya Fomin, a popular Russian singer. Total area of the apartment is 74 square metrs, it is located in Rublyovo Park residential complex. It has a terrace, a kitchen-living room, a bedroom, a guest and a master bathroom.

Along the perimeter of the kitchen-living room INFINITY surface-mounted track system is installed. SPOT LINE directional luminaires are installed above the food preparation zone in the kitchen, LOCUS pendant luminaires are placed above the dining area. General lighting in the rest of the kitchen is created with FOTON spot luminaires. The transition between the housing of the luminaire and the ceiling is invisible.

STEP LIGHT COIN floor-mounted luminaires are installed in the apartment, they serve as an orientation cue at night. "We love decorative night lighting. It is guidance lighting for walking in the dark, or, it is comfortable to watch TV with this kind of lighting. It is not pitch dark, there are beams of light on the walls. It creates a mood of comfort in the space."

There was very little space in the ceiling void, so the architects decided to install INFINITY tracks in the walls. In the guest bathroom INFINITY track is recessed between the mirrors, and in the master bedroom it is installed the track between kerlite sheets. LOCUS XL, a 1.2 meters long luminaire, is installed in the master bathroom to accentuates the table top.

"Another successful project using Centrsvet products is finished. We are happy, and we are looking forward to implementing new projects."

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