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May 19, 2021


Design project by Yelena Sidorina with CENTRSVET luminaires was featured on "Country home solutions" TV program on NTV channel. This project features Foton recessed luminaires, Shar pendant luminaires and Infinity track system that has become a favourite not only among designers, but also among NTV channel viewers over three years.

INFINITY system is in charge of general lighting in the kitchen-living room. It is a modern compact 48V track system. The system was developed specially for interiors: the width of the track is only 25 mm, there is no visible frame. It allows to alter the number of luminaires and their positioning. Additional lighting of the room is provided by SHAR SOFT pendant luminaires that are intended for diffused lighting that eliminates glare.

The track and pendant luminaires are accompanied by FOTON M HIDE recessed spot luminaires with modern and minimalistic design and clean basic forms. The transition between the luminaire and the ceiling is invisible due to the absence of a visible trim.

Designer: Yelena Sidorina
Instagram: elena__sidorina


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