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June 28, 2021


Just at the entrance, in the most crowded place or ARCH Moscow-2021 at Gostiniy Dvor, DNK architectural group and CENTRSVET presented their booth. Its main theme was the 20th anniversary of DNK architectural group.

The booth was a rotunda made of klinker bricks placed like a house of cards. CENTRSVET INFINITY ROUND. lighting system was installed inside the booth to create accent lighting.

CENTRSVET created the unique CENTRSVET INFINITY ROUND surface-mounted system specially for DNK architectural group. This lighting system has never been used for surface mounting before. To minimize glare and create accent lighting, we used anti-glare screen on luminaires.

CENTRSVET and DNK ag used lighting calculations to correctly select luminaires, their quantity, direction and placement. At the end of the exhibition, the organizers awarded DNK architectural group and CENTRSVET the prize for "Best installation" nomination.


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