play circle

Jan. 1, 2022


2021 is coming to an end, and in this time we have made big strides, and even bigger plans.

This year has been very eventful:

39 Top international awards.
7 Participations in international design awards.
2 Invitations to global lighting associations.
7 New collections of luminaires developed.
4 Testings of luminaires in research laboratories.
1 New Centrsvet showroom in Miami
587 Implemented projects with Russia’s best architects and designers.
126 Implemented projects in the US in Europe.
153 Publications in interior design magazines.
1 Collection exhibited at the Tretyakov Gallery.
19 Educational lectures on lighting.
3 Collaborations with universities: Stroganov Academy, BHSAD, MARKHI.

May each day be filled with joy, and may your life always have room for magic.
We will see you all in New, Brighter Year 2022!


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