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Nov. 9, 2021

Dior boutique in GUM

Christian Dior boutique in GUM. Illuminated entirely by CENTRSVET.

CENTRSVET EUROTRACK lighting system and over 200 directional luminaires are installed in the boutique. The system is easy to mount, connected directly to 220V mains. Pendant and surface-mounted racks are used in the boutique.

DIOR representatives contacted us in February to request lighting for their boutique in Moscow. METIS lighting, an Italian design studio, developed the lighting project. Their area of expertise is lighting projects for premium boutiques all over the world: Balenciaga, Dior, Kenzo, Paul&Shark, отели Bulgari и Mandarin Oriental.

We selected the luminaires and sent samples for testing and expert review to the lighting designers in Italy and Dior executives in France. They tested photometric characteristics of out luminaires using German GOSSEN equipment. According to the independent testing, our luminaires are high-quality and consistent with declared parameters.

Christian Dior's light-colored interior called for all of the components of the lighting system to be light too: the track, coupling elements, luminaires, and fixators that were custom-made in white.


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