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June 2, 2021


Two CENTRSVET luminaires have won the prestigious international accolade – German Innovation Award.

FOTON luminaires have won in the Special Mention nomination, and our wall-mounted luminaire for floor and steps illumination has won in the WINNER nomination.

This year, we are not the only winners from Russia. Among Russian winners is the Moscow Government under the auspices of Sergei Sobyanin, the Moscow Mayor, with its online platforms of the Moscow Innovation Cluster and the charity service on the portal.

German Innovation Award is held by the German Design Council created in 1953. Each year, the Award honours products and solutions that distinguish themselves by their potential for development and add value for consumers of products and services from all around the world.



Minimalistic and modern design. Clean basic shapes. Invisible transition between the fixture and the ceiling due to absence of visible trim. A lens is used instead of a conventional reflector, which directly influences the quality of light. Lens focuses the light beam making luminous flux as soft, even and eye-pleasing as possible.

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Go to German Innovation Award website


Minimalistic trimless fixture suitable for lighting stairs, steps and hallways. The transition between the wall and the luminaire is invisible. The light source is hidden from the view, only eye-pleasing matte glow is visible. Wide beam angle with small dimensions of the luminaire. Special rotatable cover allows to direct the light in required direction.

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Go to German Innovation Award website

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