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Jan. 13, 2021


A genuine territory of Italian style. FRAME Moscow boutiques bring together premium clothing and accessory brands: Bally, Moorer, Marol, Serapian, Tateossian, as well as the in-house Italian men's clothing brand – Atelier Portofino. The new boutique is located at one the world’s largest outlets in the – Novaya Riga Outlet Village.

The lighting in all of the spaces in the boutique was created with Centrsvet lighting system. The key idea of the project is using luminaires with both cold and warm color temperatures. It allows to render colors of products as accurately as possible.

Powerful Locus luminaires create bright directional lighting. Moreover, deep-seated optics eliminated glare which provides additional comfort in the space. Rotatable design of the luminaires allows to place lighting accents and demarcate the zones.

The design at the boutique was created by METHOD studio. “Lighting is the key element in architecture. It plays a particularly important role in this design because it allows to bring out the space of the rooms. The project has been completed recently, and we a sure that our collaboration with Centrsvet is one of the success factors,” – says Pavel Kadlubinskiy, the head of the studio.

Phone: +7 495 691 33 05


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