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July 30, 2021


CENTRSVET has its own in-house testing laboratory. We test all components, LEDs and power sources, finished products of the company at the laboratory. Still, to reaffirm high quality characteristics of our products, we work with leading research and test centres.

In June, 2021, we conducted comprehensive studies of luminaires at A. Lodygin Light Sources Research Institute in Saransk. Founded in 1958, the Institute is one of the most reputable research centers in the field. Over the years, the Institute has accumulated extensive experience in testing of lighting appliances used for different purposes and designed for operation in the most difficult conditions.

Luminaires for outdoor lighting by CENTRSVET were studied. They showed high performance of pulsation, color temperature and other lighting characteristics. After passing complicated testing of IP 65 and IP 67 protection rate, LOCUS O luminaires and Light Up luminaires have confirmed that CENTRSVET luminaires are highly reliable and protected.

Along side with high quality of lighting, our clients receive lighting appliances that serve them for many years and do not require expensive and frequent servicing. Luminaires are electrically safe and can be used and recommended for outdoor lighting.


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