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Aug. 30, 2021


CENTRSVET luminaires of FREELIGHT series have are odourless, they do not exude any harmful chemicals into the environment, and they are safe in operation. Produced using only ecologically neutral materials and are safe for domestic use.

To confirm its safety, we tested FREELIGHT in compliance with the requirement for children toys safety that are significantly more rigorous than those for LED components and low voltage equipment. Tests were conducted in accredited testing laboratory "CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND TESTING" that specialises in evaluating the quality of products, compliance with Russian and international norms.

Tests were conducted in accordance with the requirements of Intergovernmental Standard of Safety of Toys GOST ISO 8124-3-2014 p.8.2, and Federative Conservational Regulatory Documents 14.1:2:4.140-98, GOST 31950-2012 p.3, MUK 4.1.1265-03, MUK 4.1/4.3.2038-05 p.6.2, p.6.3 addendum 2, for physical and chemical and toxicological and hygienic indicators, toxic elements.

We tested for presence of a number potentially dangerous chemicals: benzene, phenol, formaldehyde, lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, arsenic, selenium, barium, and many others in different environments. Many stages of testing confirmed the safety of luminaires of FREELIGHT series, showed no presence of migration of harmful chemicals from the material to the environment: total absence of such or significantly lower than maximum allowable concentration and ranges of studies.

Luminaires proved their ecological safety. They can be used in residential environments, common rooms and nurseries, as well as in office spaces.

Protocol of testing №210728-013-03/К

Center for research and testing:

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