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July 6, 2018


The DAZHAEV clinic is located in the elite residential complex ART RESIDENCE on Belorusskaya. The owner of the clinic is a talented orthopedist, president of the Eurasian Association of Aesthetic Dentistry Gadzhi Dazhaev.

It was important for Dazhaev to create the right lighting, because the quality of work of employees and the comfort of patients depend on it. That is why he, together with the architect Foat Fatykhov, came to our salon to visually see the characteristics of each lamp: brightness, glow temperature and luminous flux. Loft lamps were chosen to illuminate the cabinets, and Cosmos lamps for the corridor. The high color rendering of the lamps guarantees the aesthetic quality of dental operations, and the absence of sharp shadows and pulsations does not tire the eyes.


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