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House of Porcelain multi-brand boutique on Kuznetsky Most. Here you can find world-famous luxury porcelain brands like Meissen and Lenox, and crystal brand Moser.

All of lighting at the boutique is executed with Centrsvet luminaires. Large space and high ceilings call for bright lighting. This is why here we used Point XL, a luminaire with high capacity.

Light accents in the interior are placed using Centrsvet Infinity system. It allows to install luminaires with different designs and lighting parameters into the track. For example, rotatable spot luminaires Infinity Locus allow to turn the light where required to highlight different zones in the interior. Conversely, linear luminaires Infinity Direct Line create wide directional flood of light. At the same time, optical system with Dark Light technology reduces the intensity and the quantity of LED flashes, making the lighting very comfortable for the eyes, which is particularly pertinent to the premium space.