play circle

Nov. 4, 2021


15th episode of Alexander Zmeul's Is the architect in charge show, a joint project by Artplay Today channel, Archspace portal and CENTRSVET.

This episode's main characters are the co-founders of TSIMAILO LYASHENKO PARTNERS bureau: Alexander Tsimaylo, Nikolay Lyashenko, Yevgeny Meytuv, general director, and chief architects Anton Putinol, OLga Sytnik and Anna Loschilova.

The main topic of this episode is role assignment inside the company, building relationships with clients and managing to implement complex experimental projects in the very heart of Moscow. The quality of architecture does not depend on its type, the architects say. The key to success is investing time into project work and a clear conceptual approach that allows to bring genuinely unique ideas into life.

TSIMAILO LYASHENKO PARTNERS bureau was founded in 2001. The bureau has implemented tens of private residences and won awards in big urban planning contests.


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