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Dec. 14, 2021


Famous showman and TV host Alexander Gudkov shows us inside the office of Chicken Curry with CENTRSVET lighting.

At the office of Chicken Curry YouTube channel the team creates legendary comedy projects featuring many celebrities: Bad Jokes League and Comment Out, music videos for Cream Soda band – No more parties and for Filipp Kirkorov – Blue mood. Chicken Curry is the creator of viral ads for Adidas, Volkswagen and Vivienne Sabó.

Chicken Curry office is a two-story art space with a director’s room, an Underground playroom, a kitchen and even a Chicken Curry bar. Viktoria Orlova designer the interior.

“We dreamed of resting and inviting friend to the place we work at. We planned everything so that we have a beautiful zone, a work space, a space to have some alone time. It’s a place where you want to come back, this is the thing! I didn’t to come back to Ostankino, but I do want to return here. It’s so bright, full of light and so homey here,” – says Alexander Gudkov.

Youtube: Chicken Curry Instagram: gudokgudok


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