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Nov. 11, 2021


As a part of as joint British High School of Design and CENTRSVET project, the students of the BHSD visited our showroom at Tekhnopark Orbita, where they discovered CENTRSVET products, saw how luminaires and lighting systems work, learned about the opportunities of controlling and about modern lighting design. Future designers visited the warehouse and CENTRSVET lighting laboratory, which allowed them to take a closer look at the issues that a manufacturer tackles during production.


The students attended and interesting lecture about the peculiarities of lighting in different environments, learned about basic concepts and terminology in lighting, and revisited physical properties of light as a natural phenomena. In the end, CENTRSVET proudly told the students about the Company’s awards and celebrity clients. The participants noted the excellent quality of the products, minimalist modern design and an impeccable organisation of business processes.


CENTRSVET is launching a contest among the students of British High School of Design. The Company gives the students an opportunity to make their voice heard and their vision known. Future designers will be able to create a luminaire with CENTRSVET by taking part in the contest and creating a design of a luminaire. Submissions will be assessed by a professional jury, an the best jokes will be awarded with special prizes.


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