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March 3, 2021


Lighting at the personalized service salon for VIP client in GUM on the Red Square was executed by Centrsvet. People who come to Bosco (Privé) want to receive the best service. Exclusivity and opulence - these are the words that best describe the salon. In this interior lighting does not only illuminate the space beautifully, but also ensures the consistent style of the place.

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We used two lighting systems by Centrsvet at Bosco Privé: Infinity and Auroom. Infinity system is used for illumination of the storefront and the interior. Rotatable Inf Locus luminaires with a brass cover are installed here. The system allows to change the quantity of luminaires and their positioning. Thanks to this feature, the lighting can be adjusted for every specific clothing collection.

Auroom system made of pure brass is installed in the center of the salon in the two individual fitting rooms. Auroom system is dimmable. You can fully illuminate the interior or create low lighting. For illumination of the fitting rooms and accent lighting we used Locus Flex recessed rotatable luminaire.

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