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Dec. 20, 2021


Boris Zarkov is a restauranteur, entrepreneur, founder of WHITE RABBIT FAMILY alliance, one of Russia's most prominent restauranteur, and Centrsvet client.

WHITE RABBIT FAMILY restaurants and Boris Zarkov's house are illuminated by CENTRSVET. In the interview Boris spoke about how important lighting is in the restaurant business, and about lighting he chose for his house.

IKRA restaurant is illuminated by CENTRSVET as well. The owners of the restaurant wanted to create an intimate atmosphere, and desired to make people focus on the food and not on the outside. This is why the restaurant has warm directional lighting that illuminates the table and other important accents.

"It is lighting that sells restaurants. Lighting plays a major role because even a bad design can be fixed with lighting," – says Boris Zarkov.

Instagram: boris_zarkov


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