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March 15, 2021


Ostrov Mechty is Europe's largest all-season entertainment park located Moscow. This park now also hosts Avocado Queen - a project by Arkady Novikov, the founder of Novikov Group, Russia's largest restaurant holding. Centrsvet lighting equipment is used in the interior.

Infinity lighting system and Locus Zoom rotatable directional luminaires are installed in the main hall. They create accent lighting on the tables. Locus Zoom provide a bright and focused light spot thanks to a concentrating lens. Lighting accents on the bar are created by Locus CT Superspot rotatable surface-mounted luminaires. The path to restrooms is highlighted by Locus C luminaires.

The lighting at the restaurant is dimmable. It allows to adjust the brightness of the luminaires depending on the time of the day. Locus C luminaires have warm DTW dimming option, which creates a comfortable atmosphere.

Instagram: nino_zvarkovskaya


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