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May 6, 2021


Anastasia Panibratova is a famous designer and architect. Her portfolio includes Dr. Zhivago, Beluga, Black Tie, Skazka restaurant in Saint Petersburg.

Now Anastasia presents her new line of work - collectors design, in the framework of the Russian Antique Salon that is based in Gostiny Dvor just 500 meters away from the Red Square.

INFINITY track system and LOCUS ZOOM directional luminaires were used for stand illumination. LOCUS ZOOM luminaires are equipped with a special Optic Zoom lens. It allows to change the beam angle from narrow 15° to medium 35° by turning the rotatable part of the housing.

"Thanks to Centrsvet's professional lighting I can adjust the light beams and accentuate the items that I need to showcase. Take, for example, our panel - lighting works to show the works of creators, show all the faces of art and the intricacies of articles. Thank you Centrsvet for providing your products that satisfy all of my needs. I used the adjustable light sources like museum lighting."

"Here we have this year's novelties and items that have become classics, for example, DIVA crystal panel. I also present TULPAN collection of goblets. I decided to make tulips that we can put in a vase at home and enjoy champagne – just like they say - bottoms up! Another classic item - a collection of goblets called Seven sisters - the seven Stalin-era high-rises in Moscow. These goblets are produced in Germany and create fantastic shadows."


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