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March 30, 2022


We have given a tour and conducted a lecture for the employees of El’FORMA architectural bureau at CENTRSVET showroom in Strogino, Moscow. The showroom was created specially for architects, designers and construction professionals.

El’FORMA studio specializes in interiors and architecture. The studio has representative offices in Moscow and Milan. El’FORMA has proven itself through their premium real estate projects in Russia, Europe and the US:
Residential complex in Miami
Residential complex in Moscow

The studio is planning to execute many serious projects in the nearest future, and El’FORMA have come to us to learn more about the products and technology, as well as see how the luminaires work in a real interior.

We have takes a close look at AUROOM and INFINITY, luminaires from Foton, Locus, Oreo and Point lines, as well as a new line of luminaires – FREEELIGHT made of flexible neon.



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