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June 10, 2021


CENTRSVET at Arch Moscow-2021, Russia's main architectural exhibition, in the heart of Moscow in Gostiniy Dvor. During Arch Moscow, CENTRSVET presented minimalistic modern products and the concept of new lighting standard – "CENTRSVET Standard".

We pay attention not only to design, but also to quality, technology, scalability and, of course, to promptness and service. Arch Moscow-2021 is the perfect opportunity to convey our values to the consumer," – says Evgeniy Schegolev, the founder of the company.

CENTRSVET supported the company's partners at the exhibition:
Timur Bashkaev's architectural bureau and DNK architectural group.

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DNK ag's 20th anniversary exposition is illuminated by CENTRSVET INFINITY ROUND that was custom-made for this project. The track follows he round shape of the booth, and rotatable luminaires accentuate the texture of brick.

"CENTRSVET created several lighting options placement-wise. When we installed it on site, we were convinced that the option that was created to CENTRSVET's lighting calculations was the best one," – says Daniil Lorents, architect at DNK ag. Vision of a future 2100 booth by ABTB architectural bureau received the title of "Architect of the Year" and is located in the center of Gostiniy Dvor. CENTRSVET supported architect Timur Bashkaev during the implementation of this project.

"This is our first year participating in the exhibition as "Architect of the Year", and we created the Vision of future 2100 booth. I want to thank CENTRSVET, they supported us in this endeavor. We would not be able to do this without them because the concept is really far-reaching," – says Timur Bashkaev, the founder of ABTB architectural bureau.

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CENTRSVET organized three meetings with prominent Russia designers, architects and artists.

Dima Loginoff, the world-renown product designer, spoke about AUROOM X collection of brass luminaires for CENTRSVET that was presented at Arch Moscow. He also told the audience about his new work for the French brand Cartier: porcelain manufacturers Bernardaud and Dima Loginoff created a collection of tableware that is presented in Cartier boutique in GUM.

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The contemporary Andy Warhol in art world, Roman Reznitskiy creates bright and catchy paintings for smart audience. His style is always recognizable, it cannot be confused with anything else, and his artwork is filled with ironic philosophy.

Roman's paintings are balancing on the verge of graphics, oil painting and design: strong strokes, thick layers of acrylic paint create a feeling of volume in the painting, characters of his paintings come out of well-defined lines and bright-colored spots, and are outlined.

Centrsvet invited painter Roman Reznitskiy to speak about lighting in art, how important light is in art galleries, and about his collaboration with Centrsvet.

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Boris Uborevich-Borovskiy is Russia's leading architect, Chairman of the Moscow Society of Architects, professor at Moscow Architectural Institute.

A minimalist, he always stays true to himself on his creative path, and it can be seen not only in the style of his works, but most of all in the projects as an architect because he is convinced that "less architect is more".

CENTRSVET invited architect Boris Uborevich-Borovskiy to talk about lighting in residential interiors.

At the lecture Boris showed his project for singer Sergei Zhukov of Ruki Vverkh band and several examples of lighting at penthouses in Moscow.

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