April 28, 2022


CENTRSVET is a partner of TATLIN publishing house presentation of a book by architect Aleksandra Fedorova. The event took place on April 28 on Vozdvizhenka Street at Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, "Ruina" wing.

At the presentation the second book with the collection of all projects by FEDOROVA ARCHITECTS architectural bureau was presented.

FEDOROVA ARCHITECTS architectural bureau was created 17 years ago. Private residences, as well as residential and public interiors are a large part of the projects implemented by the bureau.

Boris Uborevich-Borovskiy, a famous architect, who Aleksanda Fedorova worked with at the start of her career, came to support her at the event.

Aleksanda Fedorova told CENTRSVET how important light is in her projects:

"Light, natural or artificial, is a part of architecture. While drawing, we always think about how people will feel in a space, how they will get up in the morning, what they will see. When there is no natural light, we need to think about what artificial light is going to be like. It has to be comfortable for the eyes, highlight architectural details, art objects and people beautifully!", — says Aleksanda Fedorova.


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