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June 3, 2021


CENTRSVET is a member of the American Lighting Association that represents those in the lighting industry who design, manufacture and sell lighting fixtures, light bulbs and lighting control systems.

The American Lighting Association is a trade association representing the residential lighting industry, serving members and their customers, and working to protect and advance the industry, while promoting the sale and proper application of quality lighting products.

ALA makes it possible for companies in the lighting industry to:
- Increase their share of the market.
- Develop effective public relations programs to increase consumers' awareness of lighting and sell more products through the showroom channel of distribution.
- Encourage the continuing development and proper use of safe, energy-efficient products.

The association's strategic objectives are organized into three categories - Public Affairs, Education and Organizational Affairs - and are updated by an executive committee each year with input from members and professional staff. The current strategic objectives may be viewed online in the Action Agenda. If you are interested in becoming a member of the American Lighting Association, learn more here.


Part of ALA's mission is to increase awareness of the importance of high-quality lighting, ceiling fan and control products, as well as the value of the showroom channel of distribution among consumers, interior designers and builders. To support these efforts, the association developed the BiNational Advertising and Public Relations Program. This program is independently funded by ALA-member donations and focuses on producing consumer-driven content to support ALA's efforts.


Lighting magazine is produced annually by the American Lighting Association. Each year, more than 300,000 copies are distributed through ALA-member lighting showrooms and on newsstands across the U.S. and Canada. Lighting is the only national consumer magazine dedicated to the lighting industry and featuring only ALA-member manufacturer products and photos.


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