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May 17, 2022


CENTRSVET created a lighting project for 13 BY TIMATI barbershop and tattoo parlor in the historic mansion in downtown Moscow on 24 Tverskaya St.

The mansion used to belong to the Yusupovs from XIX century up until the revolution. Felix Yusupov, accessory to the murder of Rasputin – a friend of the royal family, was its last owner. The mansion was demolished in the 1930s when the government was planning to renovate a part of the street. Now Gorky Moscow Art Theater is located there, and only an outhouse numbered “24” is left from the historic building, where Ksenia Sobchak’s restaurant Bublik was located for a long time. Now, 13 BY TIMATI barbershop and tattoo parlor is located there.

Timati is CENTRSVET's long-time client. He came to the proven partner with this difficult project to create a modern lighting project and preserve the integrity of the historic building. The design project for the new interior was developed by Greta Project architectural company, whose portfolio includes Sakhalin restaurant and Novikov School culinary school. Architects Margarita Denisova and Sergei Slobodskoy spoke about challenged they faced while working with light and told their opinion on Auroom system.

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General lighting at the barbershop is executed with AUROOM brass system and directional LOCUS luminaires. The main hall of the barbershop is illuminated by tens of AUROOM ROUND rings with diffused LOCUS SOFT luminaires. This type of lighting eliminates glare, which allows barbers to work comfortably all day long. It is important to note that AUROOM system was mounted using pendant and surface-mounted method, which preserved the ceiling of the historic mansion.

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The ceiling of 13 BEAUTY BY TIMATI women’s salon is painted with dark paint, so we installed AUROOM BLACK lighting system made of 100% brass. Metal is treated in a special way to achieve the unique effect of brushed surface. Vaults and arches are illuminated with a new-generation LED strip LENTA FLEX MINI.

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The walls of a narrow stairwell is decorated with surf boards – one of Timati’s main hobbies is to ride ocean waves. The stairwell is illuminates by several LOOCH luminaires, a special semi-circular lens refracts the light flux and produces a line of light on surrounding surfaces.

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The main staircase to the second floor is illuminated by CAMELOT XL chandelier that was assembled manually during several months specially for 13 BY TIMATI. At the core of the chaotic structure of the luminaire is a thin metallic frame that unites LED lamps into one electrical mains.


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