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CENTRSVET – Premium lighting from Russia!

We have been loyal to our principles since 2005, and we are one of the biggest Russian companies that designs and manufactures lighting equipment. The client is always at the center of our business model based on design, manufacturing, collaboration with designers and architects, as well as sales at our own premium showrooms.

Top-notch design. Unmatched quality. Numerous Russian patents and the most prestigious European awards.

In-house production, best prices, all products are in stock, 10-year warranty.


15 years

Our company celebrates its 15th birthday this year. We have been evolving, our market position and product range have changed. Today we see ourselves as a company that creates premium products, and our mission is to offer a worthy alternative to European luminaires: create top-notch design, excellent quality and maintain our affordable prices.

We are a manufacturing company. Our engineers create products from the idea to the prototype, develop key technologies – everything that influences the quality of the light directly. We test the prototypes at our in-house light laboratory. Then we make the technical project for the factory and supervise the entire process of the final assembly to ensure the compliance with Centrsvet's high quality standards. Our basic range is a warehouse program. Over 1.000 models and over 1.000.000 units is available in the warehouse in Moscow. This allows our clients to plan and execute projects without delays. We offer fast delivery across Russia and worldwide. We cherish our reputation and offer 10-year warranty for all our products with no exceptions. We provide post-warranty service thanks to our in-house service center. For example, if LEDs used in the luminaires fail in a few years, we will replace them.