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Lighting design

We always take into account the purpose of the space, its architectural and design characteristics when developing a lighting project.

Precise and proper lighting calculation is the foundation of a comfortable and effective lighting. This helps to avoid such mistakes as insufficient room lighting or, on the contrary, glare. Our professionals will help you select the models of luminaries, beam angle and color temperature, the exact number of luminaries and their positioning in the interior.


After the concept approval, when every lighting parameter is determined and particular luminaries are selected, we perform a lighting calculation. The result of the analysis shows how bright and comfortable the lighting is going to be. Besides, you receive visualizations based on the actual distribution of the luminous flux.


Our lighting calculations are characterized by highest precision. We sell only own-produced luminaries, as opposed to companies that resell Euro-Chinese lights. Precise lighting calculation is practically impossible with this type of products because of mistakes in source files. Our in-house lighting laboratory is equipped with luxmeter and pulse meter, goniophotometer, integrating sphere and spectral radiometer, which guarantees the most precise calculations