CENTRSVET® / CENTRSVET.RU warranty period amounts to:

5 years for interior lighting

- recessed and surface-mounted luminaires
- pendant and wall-mounted luminaires
- lighting systems 220V and 48V (tracks, luminaires, components)
- profiles and gypsum systems
- ventilation systems and strip ceilings

2 years for outdoor lighting and components

- all outdoor luminaires (recessed, surface-mounted, pendant)
- facade and wall-mounted luminaires with high water resistance
- spotlights and landscape lighting
- floor-mounted luminaires
- components (LED strips, flexible neon, power sources, control systems)

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Warranty period for CENTRSVET® goods (products) begins upon purchase of goods and covers the goods installed by the client in any type of rooms (commercial, residential, non-residential) without limitations.

CENTRSVET® warranty shall extend to all components and parts without exception, including LED module, current driver, housing, fastening and mounting elements.

Warranty and post-warranty repairs, as well as maintenance of CENTRSVET® products are carried out regardless of the place of purchase and are carried out only in the branded service center located at the address: Moscow, st. Kulakova, 20, building 1A. In other cities, warranty and post-warranty repairs is performed in the brand showrooms and salons of CENTRSVET® distributors (information is available on the website:

Dismounting and delivery of goods is carried out by the Client. If the client is located in another city, and if the warranty claim is confirmed, the delivery of goods back to the client is carried by the Company. In the event of a technical malfunction, the CENTRSVET® guarantees the repair or exchange no later than 10 (ten) days from the date of the Client's request to the service center.

The Company guarantees and undertakes to keep in stock the components necessary for the repair within 10 (ten) years from the date of purchase of the goods by the client.

The warranty is only valid when equipment is connected and used in strict accordance with the instruction or user manual provided with the product.

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Please contact our client support team for any additional information.

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