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Centrsvet is a part of a new project by METHOD architectural group – PAUL&SHARK boutique at Vremena Goda Galleries on Kutuzovsky Drive. The famous Italian brand PAUL&SHARK designs sportswear for yachting and golfing. The brand’s products are distinguished by their superior quality.

“We used hybrid lighting at PAUL&SHARK boutique, which means we used luminaires with warm and cold color temperatures to render the colors of the items correctly. Besides, lights are recessed in the track because lighting is not the main part of the design and has to be unobtrusive. The third component is the diffuser that is installed on the luminaires. It helps to avoid glaring, which is very important for decision-making and communication with clients. METHOD group is a fast-growing company in high-end retail segment, and we are very grateful to have such thriving partners like Centrsvet,” – says Pavel Kadlubinskiy, head of METHOD architectural group.