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This fall Bentley presented the brand-new Bentley Bentayga for the first time in Russia. The premiere took place across the street from the Kremlin, at «Tsaryov Garden» apartments on Sofiyskaya embankment.

This is our second lighting project for Bentley. Last year, we created lighting for Bentley Flying Spur presentation. We developed a new concept for lighting specially for Bentley Bentayga presentation. In just a few days we illuminated an area of more that 500 square meters. Same as last time, we created a new turn-key solution: from the idea to its realization.

We used CENTRSVET INFINITY lighting system as the basis for the project. It allows to easily rearrange the luminaires and their number. When the venue was in the rough-in stage during repairs, we mounted the track, and installed and arranged the luminaires in the finished interior. It allowed to avoid such mistakes as insufficient lighting or, on the contrary, glare. Besides, we used an unconventional solution here and placed lighting accents in the interior with luminaires with narrow beam angle. We placed a 6-meter circle of light above the vehicle. It was created with a lighting system by Centrsvet as well.