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Встроенный потолочный светильник NIMB T


Bright and powerful fixtures with ground glass diffuser are used for general lighting. Due to shallow mounting depth (only 53 mm), the fixtures are suitable for low ceilings. Trimless design of the housing makes the transition between the luminaire and the ceiling invisible. Built-up construction of the luminaire allows effortless maintenance after installation without any damage to final finishing. This series presents models with 592 mm (40 Watt), 912 mm (60 Watt) and 1196 (80 Watt) diameters of the circle.

The fixtures support DIM DALI Digital Protocol. This allows controlling each luminaire individually or a group of luminaires at once: turning them on and off, dimming. You can also create your own lighting scenarios: the lights can be timed to switch on and off automatically as desired. Controlling via BLUETOOTH with the mobile app is also available (controller to be purchased separately).