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New lighting system is made of pure brass. Each element is buffed to a matte finish by hand. Surface mounting is suitable for any type of ceiling. The system can be mounted at any stage of the repairs. Control via 1-10V or DALI, depending on power unit (chosen separately).


At the core of the system's design is its oval structure and the possibility to choose different luminaries and their number. Luminaries can be installed at any place and then easily moved along the track.


Install the fixtures using special gloves (provided in the kit). Do not touch brass elements with bare hands as it will cause darkening of the metal.


Brass is subject to a natural air oxidation process. All brass elements of Auroom system are coated with a special preservative for storing and transportation purposes. The preservative should be wiped off with a cloth after installation. To keep brass in its original condition, coat the system with Aur Protect indelible surface protection to prevent darkening of the metal.