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Накладной профиль для светодиодной ленты PROFLINE С20

Без видимой рамки


Surface-mounted profile system. The width of the line of light is 20 mm. High quality of materials and elaborate design of the housing dissipate heat efficiently and preserve the initial brightness. The profile system can be any length and configuration with ceiling-to-wall and wall-to-wall transitions. Easy mounting. The profile is installed on the ceiling surface with conventional self-tapping screws.

Notable for its innovative U-shaped diffuser construction. The diffuser consists of two types of plastic: white and matte. The white section on the sides of the strip acts as a reflector and enhances the brightness of light. Besides, it allows to secure the LED strip in the profile. The matte section diffuses the light and makes it as eye-pleasing and soft as possible. No limitations to the length, 100 mm spacing. Available in increments of 2.5 meters.


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