Profile system for stretch ceilings. Unrivaled in the market. There are no embedded details in the structure of the system. The system comprises only two elements: a profile and a diffuser. This ensures easy mounting and provides aesthetic design: the transition between the ceiling and the diffuser is absolutely invisible. Designated recesses allow to secure both PVC and fabric stretch ceiling sheets. Rigid construction of the housing allows to mount the profile into large stretch ceilings.


Easy to mount. The profile is installed on the ceiling with conventional self-tapping screws. Mounting boxes placed on the sides of the profile allow to conceal screws and protect LED strip during installation. A 10 mm strip is fastened into the designated recess in the profile, lateral slots serve for fastening stretch ceiling sheets and for installation of diffusers.


We developed a brand new U-shaped design of the diffuser. The diffuser itself is made of two types of plastic: white and matte. The white parts on the sides serves as a reflector, it enhances the brightness of the glow. Besides, it allows to secure the LED strip in the profile. The matte part provides high-quality dispersal of light, which makes it very soft and pleasant for the eyes.