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Winner of international awards: 
Iconic Awards Best of Best 2020 (Germany), 
iF Design Awards 2020 (Germany), 
Red Dot Design Award 2020 (Germany), 
European Product Design Award 2020 (The EU).

Distinctive features

State-of-the-art compact 48V track system allows changing the number of luminaires and their position on the track. A luminaire is installed at any place and can be easily moved along the track. A special mechanical button fixator provides reliable fastening of the luminaire on the track. All it takes is assembling the track during repairs, light fixtures can be installed when the repairs are finished. This helps to avoid such mistakes as insufficient room lighting or, on the contrary, glare.


Track can be cut off anywhere with pinpoint precision. Tracks can be easily and seamlessly coupled. This allows to assemble a track system of any length and configuration. One adapter with a power lead is sufficient to connect a 20-meter long track with a load up to 480 Watts.


The system supports DALI Lighting Control. This allows controlling each light fixture individually or a group of light fixtures at once, as well as creating custom lighting scenarios: you can time the lights to switch on and off as desired. Wireless Bluetooth control via a smartphone is available.