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Уличный прожектор FCD LINE 48

About the luminaire

The luminaire is designed for facade lighting and illumination of architectural elements. Equipped with protective glass. Highly protected against dust and water ingress (IP65). Sealed connector (provided) allows to connect up to 10 luminaires into one continuous line. Rotating design allows to easily direct the light where needed. The product line presents luminaires with 24V and 48V connection. Super Comfort lens creates even lighting without halo or dark spots.


Luminaire with 24V connection is 1-10V dimmable; for this, it has to be connected to a dimmable power source (to be purchased separately).


A decorative cover can be added to the luminaire to hide LEDs and eliminate glare effect. Additional elongated fastenings allow to place the luminaire at a distance form the wall to illuminate the top of the facade. Short fastenings are provided.