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POST R54 BAMBOO outdoor post luminaire


Landscape luminaire is installed along garden paths and driveways. The luminary comprises a light source and a base. It is equipped with oval shaping optics. Forms a homogenous oval light spot.

The luminaires are suitable for use outdoors due to their high IP65 protection against dust and water ingress. Completely sealed housing. Resistant to external influences: UV light, moisture, temperature fluctuations. 4 coats of paint. This coating does not crack or discolor over time. A layer of technopolymer safely isolates the base of the luminaire from contact with soil.

Power source is built in the case. 220V connection. Designed for the operation at low temperatures. The mounting base was specifically designed to protect the luminaire from exterior lateral loads which allows to align the luminaire and install it without tilting. Thick heavy aluminum base ensures steadiness after installation.

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