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Уличный светильник столб POLE 102 LOCUS


The luminaire for outdoor lighting is highly protected against water and dust ingress, meeting IP65 requirements. Installed along roads, driveways and on other outdoor sites. Serves as a direction and orientation cue and delineates the area. The luminaire are equipped with concentrating optics. It creates a more bright and well-defined light spot, which allows to define the required zones of lighting.


The luminaire comprises a base that is 4000/5000 mm in length, and light sources that are attached to the base. The luminaires are attached to the base at any height and on any side. To install a luminaire, just make a hole and fasten the luminaire where required. Rotating design allows to direct the light where needed.


220V connection. Power unit is built in the housing. The luminaire is installed into concrete 5-8 meters away from each other.